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Enjoy an authentic Vietnamese cuisine menu with your family, friends or colleagues at Jokim kitchen, featuring a cozy and pleasant ambience with contemporary décor

Sizzling beef steak 6oz - 19.95

sizzling plate of beef striploin steak, egg, onion, Vietnamese ham and pâté served hot-off-the-stove with 2 slides of garlic butter bread

Grilled pork & shrimp, spring roll vermicelli - 15.95

vermicelli bowl of grilled pork, spring roll & shrimp skewers, served with cucumber and iceberg lettuce

Huế Beef noodle- 14.50

beef shank, vietnamese ham, sliced pork hock, beef ball, thick noodle and 24 hours simmer beef bone broth

Saigon curry on rice (vegetarian)) - 15.95

organic tofu braised with carrot, yam, mushroom, eggplant in coconut water and creamy curry sauce, served with rice

Shaking beef & fries - 17.95

wok seared cube steak flash-sautéed with bell pepper and onion, served with French fries or rice

Grilled pork chop and chicken rice - 15.95

combination of pork chop and lemon grass chicken, served with rice and fish sauce

Sizzling soy garlic chicken ramen - 17.95

sizzling plate of home-made ramen sautéed in soy garlic
sauce and grilled chicken, topped with mozarella cheese

Vegetarian Pho - 13.50

organic tofu, carrot, brocolli vegetable broth


Signature Menu

Experience Vietnamese fusion of traditional and international highlights.